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     Grupa20minut (“20 minutes” movement) was established in 2010 by Katarzyna Godyń-Skoczylas, Małgorzata Kaczmarska and Elżbieta Sowa.

The artists got to know during his studies at the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. During the study, independently of each other, they chosen first study under prof. Jan Szancenbach then prof. Jacek Waltoś. Despite being in the same artistic circle they developed various artistic interests, which resulted that they works characterized a different nature at the end of the studing. After years what bring them together is the common inspiration by the form of the human body and the man in visual arts and their a similar attitude to art - an attitude that they transfer in their artistic manifesto.

Group name refers to the prediction of Andy Warhol providing that modern times will enable each person 15 minutes of fame and the ability to concentrate and "active vision" of man.

       Grupa20minut  MANIFESTO

     We commit all our knowledge and sensibility, our own financial means and plenty of time, in order to create. We do not calculate, but we make an informed choice - 100% own contribution ensures unlimited creative freedom. 

Also, we seek aware audience. We are not interested in an incidental onlooker or a mediocre "connoisseur." We expect your full focus when you analyze our work - 20 minutes, which anyone is supposedly capable of.
Everyone was meant to get their 15 minutes of fame. Naturally - we want more!

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    Text about the grupa20minut in the 100th anniversary of Women at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków!

    In a special edition of Wiadomości ASP (84), created in connection with the Jubilee of the 100th anniversary of women in the Academy, appeared a text about the grupa20minut (Katarzyna Godyń-Skoczylas, Małgorzata Kaczmarska, Elżbieta Sowa).

  • photo by MK


    Grupa20minut takes part in the DECIDERS exhibition.

    Nuremberg House, Skałeczna 2, Kraków, PL

    8 – 29 March 2018

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    Exhibition of grupa20minut | Katarzyna Godyń-Skoczylas, Małgorzata Kaczmarska, Elżbieta Sowa

    4 Ściany Gallery, Lea 29, Kraków

    7 December 2017 – 5 January 2018

  • photo by MK

    Grupa20minut in Rzeszów

    r_z Gallery, ul. 3 Maja 16, Rzeszów, PL

    The ZPAP gallery in Rzeszów hosts an exhibition of paintings and video:


    Katarzyna Godyń-Skoczylas, Małgorzata Kaczmarska, Elżbieta Sowa

    10 – 27 November 2017

  • Poster advertising the exhibition.

    FRAMES shown in Berlin

    The FRAMES video of grupa20minut was qualified for a show at the LemoArt gallery in Berlin as part of the Cancan artistic film competition.


    LemoArt Gallery

    Danziger Straße 63

    10435 Berlin


    April 2017

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    FRAMES Exhibition

    grupa20minut | Katarzyna Godyń-Skoczylas, Małgorzata Kaczmarska, Elżbieta Sowa 

    painting, drawing, collage, video 

    MAŁOPOLSKI OGRÓD SZTUKI / Małopolska Garden of Arts / Rajska 12, Kraków

    25 October – 20 November 2016

  • grupa20minut_wystawa_moscice.jpg


    painting, drawing


    (Centrum Sztuki Mościce), Tarnów, PL

    17 April - 17 May 2015

  • wystawaG20M_1.JPG


    painting, drawing, text

    7 Nowy Square, Kraków, PL

    November 2010

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