2001 MBWA Gallery, painting exhibition Breath of the Caribbean, Nowy Sącz, PL

2003 Studnia Gallery, painting exhibition, Bielsko-Biała, PL

2003 Olympia Gallery and Antidotum club, Preshow action, concert and multimedia presentation of works, Kraków, PL

2004 Olympia Gallery, painting exhibition Nakedness, Kraków, PL

2007 Pod Rejentem Gallery, Hubbub painting exhibition and installation, Kraków, PL

2010 Arsene Wiatrak Gallery, installation with a painting: Leaving, Kraków, PL

2011 Arsene Wiatrak Gallery, multimedia installation with a painting: The Swimmer, Kraków, PL

2013 Arsene Wiatrak Gallery, Rhythm, Kraków, PL

2014 ZPAP Pryzmat Gallery, Emotions and The Body, Kraków, PL

2014 Oko dla Sztuki Gallery, Phases, Kraków, PL

2014 Pod Rejentem Gallery, Interferences, Kraków, PL

2018 Museum of Ideas, Memory of the Place, Lviv, UA

2018 Retro Building, Nobody paints like this any more, Kraków, PL

2020 Production Building, Lotus-Eaters Island, Kraków, PL


1999 Centro Hispalense de Artes Plásticas Gallery, Homenaje a Velázquez exhibition, Seville, ES

2000 Municipal Art Gallery, 10. All-Poland Review of Young Artists, Promotions'99, Legnica, PL

2002 Chocolate Factory Exhibition Space, Tastefully Rich, Female Form exhibition, London, UK

2002 The Bloxham Galleries, Allergy to Grey. Young Female Polish Art exhibition, London, UK

2004 Contemporary Art Gallery, XIII Egeria Arts Salon 2004, Ostrów Wlkp., PL

2007 BWA, Triennial of Polish Contemporary Painting, Rzeszów, PL

2008 Galeria Umelcov Spisa, Triennial of Polish Contemporary Painting, Nova Spisska, SK

2010 pl. Nowy 7, Informal show by Grupa20minut movement, Grupa20minut launch, presentation of the manifesto,

        multimedia presentation of works, Kraków, PL

2011 Bunkier Sztuki contemporary art gallery, ZPAP Centenary Salon, Kraków, PL

2013 BWA, Triennial of Polish Contemporary Painting, Rzeszów, PL

2013 MOCAK, Double Life, premiere of video diptych Remote System, Kraków, PL

2015 NCK Gallery, ZPAP Salon of Paintings and Sculptures, Kraków, PL

2015 Mościce Centre of Art, Three Poles of Emotions, exhibition of Grupa20minut, Tarnów, PL

2016 Małopolska Garden of Arts, Frames. Exhibition of Grupa20minut, Kraków, PL

2016 Palace of Arts, Winter Salon of ZPAP, Kraków, PL

2017 LemoArt Gallery, The Cancan Competition (video FRAMES with Grupa20minut), Berlin, DE

2017 Decumanus Gallery, Mass Tourism (video PAX), Krk, HR

2017 r_z Gallery, Grupa20minut, Rzeszów, PL

2017 4 Ściany Gallery, Places Remembered, Kraków, PL

2017 Palace of Arts, Winter Salon of ZPAP, Kraków, PL 

2018 CICA Museum, Abstract Mind, Seoul, KR

2018 Nurnberg House, Decydentki/Deciders, Kraków, PL

2018 r_z Gallery, Languages in Four Times, Rzeszów, PL

2019 Yayasan Bali Purnati Center For The Arts, Island of Consciousness, Batuan, ID

2019 The Cervantes Institute in Krakow, Languages in four times. Threads of ice and time, Kraków, PL

2019 CICA Museum, Artist Statement #4, Seoul, KR

2019 Palace of Arts, Winter Salon of ZPAP, Kraków, PL

2020 Retro Building, from a cloud of matter, Kraków, PL

2020 Nurnberg House, Vigilance | Wachsamkeit, Kraków, PL

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