MK_Parkowe opalanie_150x230cm_2023.jpg

The inspiration for this canvas was a scene I saw in The Wisława Szymborska Park in Kraków at Karmelicka St., shortly after its opening. In the city center, in the middle of a park that commemorates the esteemed Nobel Prize winner from Kraków - and through numerous design elements refers to the patron saint or her poetry - a unique individual is sunbathing unprudently. Because the park is for the residents!





  • proj. A. Tymińska


    Association of Polish Visual Artists and Designers in Szczecin cordially invites you to the ZPAP Kierat Gallery for the exhibition


    Curator: Aurelia Tymińska

    ZPAP Kierat Gallery, ul. Koński Kierat 14, Szczecin

    10-23 February, 2024

Małgorzata Kaczmarska

I use various media in my artistic work. When painting, I look for a sufficient impulse to initiate the process of creating an image. And in the painting I'm already creating, I'm most interested in its painterly “plane”. I would like it to be good and interesting, it should be a challenge for me – in artistic terms.

I often reach for autobiographical themes, in the process of creation I use knowledge and awareness of artistic media. At the same time, I easily get carried away by emotions and concentrated energy that I provoke in order to obtain an unplanned solution.